Scheme for Post Doctoral Fellows (PDF)

The Scheme for Post Doctoral Fellows provides research funding to young scientists to undertake independent research of innovative / commercializable / patentable nature in emerging and frontier areas of Agriculture and allied fields. The scheme is meant to persue innovative ideas and provide platform to undertake independent research. The details of the scheme are as follows.

  1. To provide research support to young scientists for pursuing exciting and innovative research ideas.
  2. To provide opportunities for freshly passed out meritorious Doctoral candidates for temporary employment.
  3. Involve innovative young scientists in Agriculture Technologies development process/Basic/ Strategic research.
  1. The Scheme is open to Ph.D. graduates.
  2. The applicant should not possess any regular employment.
    Funding and its operation:
  1. The budget will be completely administered by the Dean (PGS) UAS, Dharwad.
  2. The proposals shall be screened and approved by a committee headed by Vice Chancellor as Chairman and Director of Education, Director of Research, Director of Extension, Head of Department of concerned department as members, Dean (PGS) as member convenor to decide funding.
  3. The selected candidate will be paid a monthly fellowship of Rs.35,000.
  4. Contingency grant shall be provided for equipment, consumables, travel, analytical charges and contingencies, etc.,
  5. There is no provision for providing support to any category of research staff, skilled helper/Labour/Field Assistant.
  6. All the correspondence shall be routed through Dean (PGS), UAS, Dharwad.
  7. The Assistant Comptroller, Office of the Dean (PGS), shall be the drawing officer for the research grants.
  8. Any IP issues emerging out of the Post Doctoral research shall be the property of UAS, Dharwad.
  9. The decision of the University shall be final in all matters.
General Guidelines for Submission
  1. The applicant should fulfill the eligibility criteria as given under 'Eligibility'.
  2. All the required information should be given in the text of the proposal itself.
  3. All care must be taken to write a good scientific proposal. The proposal should contain significant novelty and should lead to enrichment of scientific knowledge.
  4. The student should write the proposal and submit through a research guide/mentor from UAS, Dharwad with a condition that if the PD Fellow discontinues, the mentor / guide shall complete the project.
  5. An undertaking from the mentor must be enclosed stating that he / she will continue the project in case the PD Fellow discontinues before completion of the project.
  6. Incomplete application and application lacking scientific/technical details will not be considered.
  7. A proposal, in the format given below, neatly typed on A-4 size paper, should be submitted to Dean(PGS), UAS Dharwad at any time during the year along with one soft copy in PDF format.
  8. Initially the fellowship is tenable for 2 years and extendable for one more year on the recommendation of the PDF selection committee.
  9. The Post-Doctoral fellow shall submit a monthly activity schedule for undertaking the project.
  10. The Post-Doctoral fellow shall submit a quarterly report in brief about the research progress in both physical and financial values.
  11. The Post-Doctoral fellow should acknowledge University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad compulsorily for providing the fellowship and the facilities while submitting research article for publication.
  12. PDF completion Certificate shall be issued only when he/she completes the fellowship.
  13. The online application for this purpose shall be filled within 15 days from the date of your online registration. Thereafter, you may take a final print out of the application.
  14. Accepatance letter from the Mentor Scientist must be obtained and a scanned copy of the same shall be uploaded in the online application form.
Procced to Online Application
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